1 Corinthians 6:9-11
This is Love Defined Pt. 2

Within the gender identity debate there needs to be a third question that is asked.

When all we ask is "Is the gender debate right?" or "Is the gender debate wrong?" all we get is a two sided argument with a yes and no side. We need to ask the question "Why do any of us live attracted to anything that is against God's will for us?"

We all have impulses that we desire; lying, gossiping, stealing, to choose a different identity that what we are physically identified as. To be a Christian is to live above these impulses. The church needs to stop being against people who have homosexual desires or desires to choose a different gender. The church needs these people. We all have impulses that need to live above. The church needs people no matter what they desire. We can all live above our desires and help others to do the same.