Philippians 3:10-11

We were not created to die. but because of sin, death has become part of our life story; even though Christ took the sting out of death.

When we celebrate Christ's death we are really celebrating His victory over death.

As Christians we must:

  • Embrace death the same way Christ did. jesus embraced death because of the victory the came after it.
      - We will be captured by deathbut we do not surrender to death. Death surrenders to Christ's victory over death in our lives.
  • Embrace the kind of death Christ did.
      - In death, Christ did not insist upon His person rights; He gave them up for the good of others.
  • Embrace life after "life after death". 
      - When we embrace death as Jesus did we are really embracing eternal life.
      - The point of knowing is so that we will live again.

We will never know the power of Christ's resurrection if we do not know His death and the suffereing that comes with it. God may not call us to die physically for Him but we are called to die to self and sin.