Daniel 6: 3-10
When Babylon is Home Pt. 6

Daniel is a turning point in the book. It comes with the death of the king.

The rulers in Babylon were jealous of Daniel and brought a law before the king in hopes of stopping Daniel from praying to his God. Daniel's commitment to prayer was the only thing that the rulers could find against him. Daniel was without blame.

The rulers in Babylon were trying to trap Daniel and God delivered the king seen the truth behind what the rulers were trying to do. Because of this the king punished those who were against Daniel. God always has His retribution.

Some ruling authories are not hostile towards people of faith like the King of Babylon.

Be careful the judgements you pronounce because you will be judged the same way.

The rulers who were against Daniel tried to back him into a corner, and in doing so, they tried to back God into a corner. All this really did was open a door for God to show Himself faithful and strong over an impossible situation.