Acts Acts 18:9-11

This podcast is the first in a series going through the book of Corinthians.


For the sermon tonight Pastor Nathan starts the series by looking at the text in Acts regarding the Apostle Paul’s stay in Corinth.

To begin the main substance of this sermon Pastor Nathan looks at the Apostle Paul and how he was an irresistible force to purge the world of the Church and how he became an irresistible force for God.

Next Pastor Nathan looked at the immovable object of Corinth. Like society in North America today, Corinth has no need for God because they were self reliant with their own knowledge and wealth.

After unpacking the idea of Paul the irresistible force and Corinth the immovable object Pastor Nathan looks at the beginning of Paul’s ministry in Corinth.

To close the sermon Pastor Nathan reminds us that there is really only one irresistible force. That force is Jesus and His Gospel. And when this Gospel is shared despite any obstacles the message with spread and the Church will grow.