1 Corinthians 1:1-3
The Book of Corinthians Pt. 2

In this evenings service Pastor Nathan reviews the first part of this series which was preached 2 Sunday evenings ago.

After reviewing the first part of the series and reading the text for this evening, 1 Corinthians. 1:1-3, Pastor Nathan looks at each verse individually.

Verse 1 - Pastor Nathan compares how we open the writing of letters today compared to the Greek letters and epistles that were written in the first century. In the letters written in the first century the open gave great detail about what was coming up in the remainder of the letter.

In this first point of the sermon Pastor Nathan examines in detail what Paul was saying in the first verse.

Verse 2 - In the second point Pastor Nathan looks at how Paul called the recipient of the letter the Church. Even though they were spiritually immature, sin, and other things in the church, they were still called the Church. Pastor Nathan also explains what it means to be the Church.

Verse 3 - In the third point Pastor Nathan explains the greeting Paul used. After this explanation Pastor Nathan talks about how the Church in Corinth was living well below what was available to them as believers. In closing, Pastor Nathan encourages us to prayerfully examine so the Holy Spirit can reveal to us the ways that we need to better align with what God has available to us.