Luke 10:38-42
With God Pt. 1

In this weeks sermon Pastor Nathan begins a new series, With God. Near the beginning of the sermon he shares a quite from a book called “With God” “Something I’ve noticed in the church today. Is there being such a focus on what we can do for God it overshadows communing with God. It should be our first focus.” Along with this quote Pastor Nathan lists significant moments when people spent time with God then went out and did for God.

Pastor Nathan then looks at the text and how both states of being with God and doing for God are addressed in the passage.

We are then challenged to “Be WITH God before doing FOR God”. We are then reminded that “Doing is NOT where our VALUES come from”.

Pastor Nathan leaves us with this question to think about over the next few weeks before we go further into the “With God” series: How can I practice being with God?