1 Timothy 2:5 & James 5:16
With God Pt. 3

Pastor Nathan begins by reviewing the first to parts of this sermon series. After this review he then begins by discussing outward ways of being with God.

Pastor Nathan uses the illustration of a cook having lots of utensils to cook with but there is no need to use every item every day. This is important to remember when spending time with God. We have lots of ways to spend time with God but we usually don’t need to use all of these ways every day.

After the cooking illustration Pastor Nathan reads the text and then unpacks Tim. 2:5.  While unpacking the passage in Timothy we discover the need to have the tool of confession. Looking at The passage in James we are brought to a new level of confession. Besides the need to confess our sins to God we also need to confess our sins one to another.

Pastor Nathan then goes through types of confessions listed in the Old and New Testament from Leviticus to the book of Acts.

The point of all of this is the need to confess to both Christ and other Christians. Each of these need to be done at the appropriate time depending on the situation.

Pastor Nathan then  talks about the positive outcomes, the freedom, that happens when we confess our sins one to another. As well we are reminded that sometimes we don’t confess our sins because we doubt that the grace that should be in the church is not enough.

He wraps up this sermon by reminding us that we need to find the right people to confess to. We can not and should not confess everything to everybody.