Isaiah 58: 3-6
With God Pt. 8

In this mornings sermon Pastor Nathan begins by talked about being with God through service, a review of last week. This leads into the topic of being with God through fasting and how these two work together.

Fasting is private between an individual and God.

Fasting serves the purpose to show us that God can sustain us and use us for his work when we humble ourselves. Fasting is the physical sign and practice to show us how God uses us when we are humble.

What fasting does:
- Fasting teaches us the discipline of discipline.
- Fasting empowers us to live above our impulses.

Pastor Nathan reminds us that the disciplines that we have been learning about to be with God are tools that we have available to us. We don’t use every tool everyday. We don’t fast everyday. But it is something that is available to us to use to accomplish the right purpose at the right time.